Inhaltsübersicht zu Ray Bradbury:
Fahrenheit 451

Die Seitenzahlen beziehen sich auf die Ausgabe des Reclam-Verlags, hrsg. von Norbert Köhn, Stuttgart 1991.

Part I

5–6 Guy Montag’s job and his attitude towards his work
6–14 Montag meets Clarisse McClellan on his way home; they talk about Montag’s job
14–16 Montag arrives at home, thinking about Clarisse
17–20 Montag discovers that Mildred has taken an overdose of sleeping pills
20–26 Two operators save Mildred’s life; Montag listens at his neighbours’ window (24f.)
26–27 Next morning: Mildred does not remember anything
27–30 Afternoon: Montag and Mildred talk about the TV walls
30–33 Montag meets Clarisse again; they talk about rain (30), love (30f.)
33–38 At the firehouse: Montag is threatened by the Mechanical Hound; talks to Beatty about it (36–38)
38–42 Furthers encounters with Clarisse; she talks about herself and her view of society (anti-social 40; watch people 41f.)
43 Clarisse disappears
43–47 The firehouse: Montag asks Beatty about the firemen’s task in the past; alarm (47)
47–53 The firemen want to burn an old woman’s house and books, but she lights the fire herself and dies together with her books
53–54 The firemen return to the firehouse; they talk about the old woman
54–56 Montag arrives at home; he has taken a book
56–63 Night: Montag thinks about Mildred and their marriage; they talk about Clarisse’s disappearance (62f.); the Mechanical Hound prowls around the house (63)
64–83 Next morning: Montag is ill; talks to Mildred about the old woman, books and his job (65–68); Beatty arrives (69) and gives Montag a lecture on the development of the philosophy of the state (70–82)
83–84 Montag thinks about Clarisse
84–90 Montag talks to Mildred about his unhappiness; he shows her his collection of books (86–88) and starts reading (89f.)

Part II

91–96 Montag and Mildred read books and talk about them; the Mechanical Hound sniffs at the door (92f.); Montag remembers his first encounter with Faber (95f.)
96–99 Montag phones Faber; quarrels with Mildred about a Bible (97f.)
99–102 Montag on his way to Faber’s house; quotes from the Bible in the subway (100–102)
102–118 Montag’s visit at Faber’s; Faber explains his thoughts on the importance of books (105–108); they develop a plan to reprint books and rebuild the society after the impending war (109–114); Faber gives Montag a two-way radio to communicate (114–117)
118–119 Montag goes home, talking to Faber via transmitter
119–132 Mildred, Mrs Phelps and Mrs Bowles watch TV; Montag provokes a discussion about war, politics, their husbands and children (121–126); reads a poem to them (128–131); the women leave (131)
132–143 Montag talks to Faber on his way to the firehouse; Beatty provokes Montag by quoting from books (135–140); another alarm (140f.); the firemen on their way to Montag’s house (141–143)

Part III

144–155 At Montag’s house: Beatty berates Montag (144–147); Mildred leaves (145); Montag has to burn his own house (148f.); Beatty taunts Montag and discovers Faber’s transmitter (150f.); Montag kills Beatty with his flame-thrower (152) and destroys the Mechanical Hound, but it manages to anaesthetize his leg (153f.)
155–159 Montag takes the remaining books and flees; thinks about Beatty’s death (156); notices that he is already being searched for (158f.)
159–164 Montag washes himself at a gas station; hears that war has been declared; when crossing a thoroughfare he is almost run over by a car (161–163)
164–165 Montag hides the books in Black’s house and alarms the firemen
165–173 Montag visits Faber; Faber tells him the way to a camp of intellectual hobos (167f.); on TV they see that a new Mechanical Hound has been put on Montag’s trail (168–173); Montag takes some of Faber’s clothes and leaves (173)
174–177 Montag manages to flee to the river
177–184 Montag has shaken off his pursuers and swims away, thinking about his past and future; is moved ashore (179) and enjoys nature (180–183); follows an old railroad track (183f.)
184–198 Montag arrives at the camp of the “book people” and is welcomed; on TV they see an innocent man being killed by the Mechanical Hound in Montag’s place (187–190); the “book people” explain their strategy of learning books by heart (191–196); they go downstream (198)
198–210 Montag thinks about Mildred; the city is destroyed by bombs (201–206); Montag imagines Mildred dying (202f.); the group has breakfast (207f.); Granger talks about their future (208); they go upstream towards the city (209f.)

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